Day limit
500 PTS left
Day limit
500 PTS left
Day limit
500 PTS left

Everyone is a winner lottery

Every week, place highest on the weekly leaderboard and win Bether tokens and lottery tickets.
 The more tickets you have, the greater your chances in the final lottery.

The competition will end on 30 June. We will then extract 2500 winners, awarding an incredible
 500 prizes of 3000 Bether and 2000 prizes of 1000 Bether. Everybody else with at least 1 ticket will get a consolation prize of 100 Bether.

Your WEEKLY rankWeekly prizeLottery tickets
        1 - 500300 4
  501 - 2000200 3
2001 - 4000100 2
4001 - 700050 1

Weekly rank and points reset every Saturday midnight GMT.
The final lottery will be handled by Smart Contract on the blockchain.

Amazing prizes after the token sale

After the token sale we will also award the top 6 000 bounty hunters with these amazing prizes!

Rank 1 - 2000: +1 000 airdrop

Rank 2001 - 6000: +500 airdrop

1 lucky person in the top 6000: +500 000

Points for activity

Help spread the word about Bethereum and earn Bether tokens.
Gain Bounty points by performing various activities. The more points you gain compared to other Bounty members, the greater your Bether reward will be at the end of the token sale.

Once signed in to the Bounty, you’ll be able to check your current point and Bether token balance on the first row of the Leaderboard.

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Comment (max 1 per post) 40 PTS DAILY LIMIT: 500 PTS
Join 1000 PTS Invite 100 PTS
Referred member 100 PTS
When accepted to bounty DAILY LIMIT: 500 PTS
Bounty bet sharing
Facebook 100 PTS Twitter 100 PTS
max 1 bet share per social network